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Expert woodworkers are not individuals we encounter every day.

Shaun Fleming has made her own way. Largely self-taught, she has spent decades honing the physical requirements and mental discipline demanded to be a premier artist in her craft.

Raised in Hawai'i and a surfer all her life, Shaun is an artist whose brave, precise work reflects a lifetime of riding the ocean's waves.

Her award-winning furnishings, cabinetry, and inlaid boxes are prized by discerning collectors throughout the world. Each piece contains an organic strength and is designed to greet generations to come.

Marquetry — a meticulous art in which tiny pieces of wood are inlaid to create intricate imagery — is a signature of Shaun’s work. Depictions of native Hawai'ian birds, flowers, and sea life add a distinct embellishment with the use of exotic woods such as koa, mango, wenge, walnut, and mahogany.


These publications feature some of Shaun's custom marquetry and furniture.

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