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Koa Display Case

Curly Koa, European Beech, Wenge, Camphor and assorted woods in marquetry.


There are two drawers behind the left hand sliding door. The drawers have the option to be used as file drawers or for storage. Behind the right hand sliding door is an adjustable shelf.

There is a remote control light w/ dimmer in the center section of the lower cabinet. There are three Curly Koa faced drawers with handles. The Koa on the drawer faces came from a Koa tree in Honolulu that was dying. The drawer boxes are made of Aromatic Camphor wood.

The marquetry is of the Nuku'puu, a rare, if not extinct, Hawaiian Honeycreeper and the Koa tree branches which it feeds on. All of the woods in the marquetry are natural colors, not dyed.

The Wenge detail blocks are faceted and hand carved.

Dimensions: 72 in. lg. x 94 in. ht. x 17 in. deep.

This can fit into a house with an 8 ft ceiling height.

The bookcase can be taken apart and moved in two pieces, the upper cabinet and the lower cabinet, allowing it to be crated and shipped anywhere.

Email for pricing and shipping options (movers available if located on Maui).

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